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The Story

Phoenix Speed Industries was born of blood, sweat and fire. Out of the ashes fromed a duo of gentleman experienced in many areas of the forced induction, motorsports and manufacturing industries. Where do we start? To say we are competitive is an understatement and is key to pushing boundries and leading the field. Lifelong friends with a passion and drive for excellence is what drives us to push the envelope. Whether it was racing, product development and testing or just bouncing ideas of of some of the industries finest. We have lived, learned and now its time to share our knowledge and product power with you.

What We Do

Forced Induction: Here at PSI, we have years and years of forced induction R&D to include but not limited to Turbocharger, Intercooler core and cad product testing.

Ecu Tuning: We currently develop and tune for many different platforms which include both auto and powersports. More specifically Motec, Aem, Hondata, Dynojet and many more.

Fabrication and Manufacturing: This is another area of expertise that is a huge asset for us. The fabrication experiance icludes product development and testing to include Manifolds (Intake/Exhaust), Roll cages, Surge tanks, Intercooler sysytems and more! 

End Goal

Phoenix Speed Industries will be considered to be in the Elite class of the motorsport industry. 

We will continue to push the envelope of power and speed through Research and Product Development.

All of our products are tested and manufactured right here in the USA.

On a different note, we would love to meet and collaborate with as many of you as possible along this great journey.


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